Labor Advisory: Advice on Labor Relations and Human Resources

Our Labor Advisory Department has specialized in finding the best alternatives that allow you to save costs without having to make drastic decisions about your workforce, benefiting both parties. The permanent contact with the client and the immediate resolution of the incidents are key. We achieve this by assigning a specific team of Labor Relations graduates and Lawyers who maintain a constant rapport based on trust and total availability.

We adapt our service to the characteristics of your company, with a personal and direct business relationship.

Labor and social counseling in the following subjects:

  • Initial title deeds of companies and registration in the General Social Security Scheme.
  • Opening of work centers
  • Telematic processing of the Work Inspection Visiting Book
  • Registration, additions and deletions of employed and self-employed workers Preparation of contracts and extensions. Drafting and processing of employment contracts in Social Security, bonuses and special working conditions
  • Processing of opening, resumption or dismissal before the Territorial Labor Directorate
  • Preparation of payroll, social insurance (TC2 and TC1) and procedures before the Social Security
  • Calculation and issuance of liquidations, settlements and company certificates
  • Labor Audit: Preparation of a real situation report of the company
  • Advice on day-to-day business and legislative developments
  • Representation and technical assistance before labor inspection and labor jurisdiction
  • Advice on Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Development and design of Scorecards and listings with allocation by cost centers
  • Processing of subsidies in terms of recruitment and promotion of employment
  • Labor disputes in the SMAC
  • Labor inspections, resources and claims
  • Records of employment regulation and labor disputes
  • Selection of personnel and training plans
  • Negotiation of agreements and agreements
  • Processing of retirement records, disability and other benefits
  • Self employed workers. Autonomous registration, deeds, obligations.
  • Special regimes (household, agricultural, etc.,)
  • Advice and consultations
  • Work accidents
  • Permanent Advice to the Company and Worker
  • Prevention in Laboral risks Electronic Notification Service (NOTESS)
  • Employee Portal: A service that can be enjoyed by companies and freelancers who have contracted with OMF ADVISORS and consists of a platform where companies can publish all their employee information such as payroll, tax withholding certificates. Internal Regulation and applications for vacations, among other documents, which in turn may be consulted and downloaded by each of the workers of the company accessing the portal with a User and Password provided by the employer. The Employee Portal is a very useful tool that will allow companies and workers to reduce time and costs by having a system that both parties will go to obtain information without intermediaries.

Human resources:

  • Top management labor relations
  • Special work contracts
  • Expatriate management
  • Advice on collective agreements
  • Selection of professionals through specialized companies
  • Variable retribution and compensation plans
  • Suspensions and terminations of individual labor relations, in coordination with the legal area of the firm
  • Application of disciplinary regimes
  • Geographic and functional mobility
  • Substantial modification of working conditions
  • Appearance and representation before Labor Inspection and Social Security bodies
  • Reconciliation plans
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