Accounting Financial Counseling: Counseling and Accounting Management

OMF ASESORES offers a complete Management Control service with which you can know the economic and financial status of your company at any time to inform about the convenience or not of carrying out certain actions within the company, such as extensions or reductions of capital, investments in other assets or launch of new business lines. Our team will analyze all areas of your company offering the best option for your business that, by supporting them with decision making, is a great competitive advantage over its competitors.
The financial and accounting areas are basic in every company. On the one hand, sufficient liquidity must be guaranteed to expand the area of economic activity and, on the other hand, they must be in accordance with current mercantile legislation. Our extensive experience in financial and accounting matters makes us your best ally in this field.

Our services:

  • Planning and start of accounting
  • Review and correction of accounting records
  • Regularization of overdue or erroneous accounts
  • General advice on accounting and administrative organization
  • Companies ‘Accountancy on direct estimation regime
  • Analysis of the accounting treatment applicable to business operations
  • Control of immobilized assets and their periodic amortizations
  • Budgetary Accounting: objectives and monitoring
  • Analytical Accounting: analysis of results by cost centers
  • Preparation, presentation and processing for the legalization of official accounting books
  • Preparation and deposit of Annual Accounts
  • Processes of reorganization, acquisition and merger of companies
  • Business valuation and internal audit
  • Family businesses
  • Analysis of the Financial Statements and the financial position of the company
  • Study and analysis of financial viability
  • Advice and selection of the optimal financing for the company
  • Analysis of the Maneuver Fund and the economic-financial profitability
  • Accounting technical reports: study of ratios, valuation of companies, balance sheet updates, etc.
  • Integral Scorecard
  • Digitalization of mercantile, accounting, tax and labor documentation of companies through a scan of archives and legal digitalization of documents with a commitment of quality, confidentiality and legality

Search and advice of bank financing:

  • Collaboration with financial entities to negotiate and achieve the liquidity that your company needs with the financial instruments that best adapt to the reality of your business
  • Advice and search for financing of private investors
  • Advice on Aid and / or Financing of Public Institutions
  • Information and processing of ICO financing lines. We take care of:
    • Offer information and advice about the main lines of financing in force
    • Customized study based on the financing needs of the company
    • Elaboration of the obligatory Feasibility Plan for the processing of the file
    • Follow-up of the file until the concession
    • Acting as interlocutor before the financial institution

Analysis of the economic - financial situation:

  • Conducting studies and analyzing the situation of your business
  • Financial diagnosis
  • Management Reports Report

Economic - financial reorganization:

  • Planning of new economic-financial strategies
  • Implementation of organizational, legal, administrative, financial, economic or management improvements to generate more value
  • Restructuring of companies fiscal, financial, legal, patrimonial or labor in nature


  • Preparation of annual budgets
  • Deviation Reports
  • Support in Treasury Management
  • Sensitivity Analysis

Banking Optimization:

  • Analysis of the credit situation of your company
  • Periodic reports of the banking situation
  • Restructuring of bank debt
  • Negotiation with banks and other creditors

Investment projects:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Realization of Project Memory
  • Analysis of rentability
  • Economic-financial plans of projects
  • Project Risk Analysis

Company valuation:

  • Sale / Purchase of the company / other companies
  • Fusion of the company
  • Entry of new partner in the capital of the company
  • Restructuring of the shareholders and of the company’s partners
  • Capital increases or reductions
  • Creation of new business lines
  • Analysis of the patrimony of the partners
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