JurIdical to individuals

In OMF ASESORES we realize all the extrajudicial negotiations that he needs, with the personalized advice of expert lawyers, to attend to him in the following matters:
  • Writing of Civil, Mercantile Contracts, Buy, Sale, Leases…
  • Representation and Assistance first of all type of Public and/or Private Organisms.
  • Integral advice of Proper Questions of the habitual Traffic of the Company.
  • Advice in Matter of Real estate Contracts.
  • Study, Analysis and Writing of Minutes, Requests and Notarial Powers.
We are provided also with a DEPARTMENT ON LINE OF LAWYERS ESPECIALISTAS. With our services of assisted Consultancy we can offer juridical services in Right:
  • Tributary: State, autonomic, local.
  • Administrative: State, autonomic, local.
  • Labor: Payrolls, liquidation SS and contracts.
  • Mercantile: Accounting and countable audit
  • Family and Company: Familiar society, protocol, marriage and succession.
  • Civil: Property, obligations and contracts, claims quantity, heredities.
  • Penalty: Economic crimes.
  • Real estate: Building and town planning, leases, record, property.
  • Prevention whitened capitals
  • Information protection
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