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Our company

OMF Asesores

Our office has specialized and consolidated itself in the integral counselling to companies specifically within the areas of fiscal regulation, support accountancy, labour law and mercantile development.

The work developed at OMF ASESORES stands out for the detailed analysis of the problems relative to such areas of business as well as for the permanent search and development of efficient solutions which, in many cases, have long-term effects that allow the discharge of organizational tensions in the companies.

Professional experience

The professional experience accumulated by our workforce who specializes in different areas of expertise allows us to find answers and solutions to the problems that confront businessman, entrepreneurs, and companies on a daily basis. With our experience and the continual training of our workforce we have reached a degree of professional development that allows us to find simple solutions to the complex problems of the world of business.

Our services

At OMF, we are fully aware of the moments of constant innovation and uncertainty in which companies, businessman, and entrepreneur have to compete at present. We invest in the use of ICT and in the rapid implementation of rigorous systems of organization and management which allow us to offer important saving ratios to our clients without compromising the quality of their services.


Our services include all business areas, from the permanent advice and counselling on fiscal regulation, back accountancy and books, labour laws, and mercantile development, we also offer juridical assistance, audits, management of patrimony, feasibility studies, procedure of subsidies etc... Moreover, we provide advice in the implementation of an efficient administrative organization, the selection of personnel and in developing quality configuration systems.

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