Business undertaking

From OMF ASESORES we want to offer an advice personalized to the entrepreneur, not only to help him with all the bureaucratic steps and to create his company in a few days, want to realize an accompaniment professionalized, that allows us to avoid him, certain errors on having initiated an activity.

The business undertaking service includes:
  • Advice on the association forms and steps of constitution
  • Preparation of the certificates of incorporation and articles of association of the society
  • Achievement of all the pertinent negotiations to discharge your society in the minor possible time, thanks to the rapidity of the telematic management of the steps
  • Writing of the business plan, fundamental document for the securing of the only payment of the unemployment, the Bank financing and the requests of subsidies
  • Realistic viability study of the project, to analyze with the entrepreneur the advantages and disadvantages of the project, the real possibilities of success, development of the phases of the project, assigning the works of developing for the entrepreneur in every phase:
    • To establish association structure (autonomous/S.L)., the vision and the mission of the company, with a strategic planning of the project.
    • To realize the administrative steps as the elected association structure.
    • To establish the works to be realized while permissions come and the administrative steps are granted.
    • To prepare corporate identity
    • Marketing plan
    • Study rent, emplacement, facilities, etc.
  • Accompaniment: We differ like personalized consultancy, involve ourselves in the development of his business, want that it is successful, therefore, we are always attentive to possibilities that they could benefit to him, discounts in catalogs, in office material, in software, etc. we help him to look for the best place with a good price, since we use our contacts with clients and providers so that they give him the best price.
  • If he needs it we can take part in his council of administration, imply us and advise him in the strategic decisions of his business.
  • Fiscal, labor and countable advice. We advise him in fiscal, labor and countable topics during 2-3 months of the period of beginning of the activity, so that of all the steps with the confidence of realizing the things of the correct form.
  • Advice in Information technologies, analyzed his project we look on the market for the best software adapted to his needs, and with the best possible price. As well as the needs of computer teams, networks, telephony, etc.
  • Financing search: We are collaborators of the principal financial institutions, we help him to obtain the financial products that his business needs:
    • Discount lines
    • Credit insurance policies
    • Loans, leasing, renting
    • Insurances
    • We ask presupposed to several financial institutions to obtain the best conditions.
    • (We link fees of this point to the financing securing)
  • Subsidies request, we analyze the subsidies that exist in every moment and prepare the papers, the memory for him and in his case the justification of the subsidized project. If it does not obtain the subsidy we do not receive anything.
  • Legal aid: We advise him in juridical topics (review of contracts, writing of contracts, writing, etc.) during 2-3 months of the period of beginning of the activity.
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