Fiscal consultancy: Advice and Fiscal Management

OMF ASESORES covers all the aspects of daily management that your company can outsource. We offer permanent and specific services ranging advice on the subject of fiscal regulation. Our commitment is to contribute the best long term solutions and to avoid undesired errors thanks to the application of rigorous quality controls and cross crossing information, which allows us to provide our clients with a zero incidence fiscal record for their peace of mind.

In OMF ASESORES we adapt our services to the characteristics of your company, with a personal and direct dealing. Preferably our adviser will visit you in your offices, to save you time and tranport, and extracts in situ the ideal business information to help you in the decision making.

Fiscal advice in the following matters:

  • Study and Preparation of the Required Declarations of the different Taxes
  • Guarantees and Rights of the Taxpayer
  • Defense of the interests of the taxpayer before the Examination board, Organs of Taxation authority and Collection
  • Appearance and representation before organs of fiscal examination
  • Requirements of the Tributary Administration
  • Defense before the Administrative tribunals or contentious
  • Technical advice on deductions and other fiscal incentives
  • Periodic pursuit of the Tax bases and Analysis of the Deviations, taking corrective measures
  • Fiscal planning within the companies, professionals and individuals
  • Reports and claims on contentious district attorneys
  • Fiscal management of Patrimonies
  • Successions mortis cause, fiscal planning of the succession and the donations
  • Advice, study and tailoring of claims
  • Presentation and pursuit of claims before organs and courts
  • Control and attention of requests across the Service of Electronic Notifications
  • Design and review on price policy of Transference and evaluation of linked operations
  • VAT / IGIC recovery service for unpaid and insolvent situations
  • Studies and reports of alternatives on fiscal aftereffects
  • Studies and reports of alternatives on fiscal aftereffects
  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Value-added tax
  • IGIC (Indirect Canarian VAT Tax)
  • Split payments and retentions of rents
  • Tax on Economic Activities and local taxes
  • Tax on Hereditary Transmissions
  • Tax of Successions and Donations
  • Preparation of annual declarations of withholdings and transactions with third parties
  • Control of applied tax incentives: Canary Investment Reserve (RIC), Canary Islands Investment Deduction (DIC)
  • Processing and monitoring of regimes in simplified direct estimation and modules
  • Calculation of the periodic obligations of IGIC and the annual summary
  • Requests and postponements
  • Assistance from our advisors in Internal Audit processes
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