System of Managerial Management

Business Intelligence (business Intelligence): Information system in real-time.

A company needs to make decisions endorsed by means of accurate and real information of the key indicators of every business.

Technology allows us to gain access to the information of different sources, and present only the best information for the process of decision making; these skills and technology receive the name of Business Intelligence (BI).

“Invest the money where there are the opportunities not where they were”, Jack Trout.

  • Search and implementation of the software adapted for BI.
  • Accountable and analytical codification.
  • Identification of key indicators of management to measure targets of variable compensation.
  • Analysis of the information system as support to the decision making.
  • The Key Aspects of the business: Identifying the ARCs and the key management Factors.
  • The Indicators of Management: design, measurement and evaluation.
  • The Picture of Control: Synthesis tool for the Managerial control.

The professional team of financial advisers at OMF ASESORES has more than 30 years of experience in reliable financial advice to pymes. Our team will analyze all the areas of your company offering you the best option for your business plan, providing a strong support with decision making, thus translating your choices into a big competitive advantage with regard to your competitors.

To help you obtain the best financing with the best conditions, the team at OMF ASESORES offers you the following services:

  • Search and advice of bank financing.
  • Close collaboration with different financial institutions to negotiate and to achieve the liquidity that your company needs within the financial instruments that better adapt to the realm of your business.
  • Advice and search of financing private investors.
  • Advice in Subsidies and/or Financing aids from Public Institutions.
  • Information and procedures of lines of financing of the ICO
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