Managerial control

OMF ASESORES offers an all around service of Managerial control with which we will be able to identify the economic and financial state of your company in any moment. We will be able to determine the convenience or not of taking certain actions such as enlargement or reductions of capital, investments and diversification of assets or creating new lines of business.

Our team will analyze each and everyone of the strategies of the company offering you the best option scheme for your business. To know all the information and to connect them with the decision making supposes a big competitive advantage with regard to the competitors.

Economic analysis of the situation - financier:

  • Research and analysis of the situation of your business
  • Financial diagnosis
  • Report of Management reports

Reorganization economic - financial:

  • Planning of new strategies economic – financial
  • Starting of organizational, legal, administrative, financial, economic progress or of management to generate more value
  • Restructuring of companies of fiscal, financial, legal, hereditary or labor areas.


  • Making of annual budgets
  • Reports of Deviations
  • Analysis of Sensibility

Investment Projects:

  • Viability study
  • Profitability analysis
  • Economic Plans – Financial projects
  • Project risks analysis

Companies evaluation:

  • Sale / buy or Merger
  • Entry of an associate in the capital of the company
  • Restructuring of the shareholders of the associates of the company
  • Increase capital or capital reductions
  • Creation of new lines of business
  • Analysis of the patrimony of the associates
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