Integral consultancy for companies: fiscal, accounting, labor and legal consultancy.

What advantages does it have to hire the services of an integral consultancy of companies? How can all the steps and negotiations of a company be managed across this advice model? What services does it include and offers as much for companies as for autonomous entrepreneurs? In OMF ASESORES we stand out for offering integral consultancy services in the Fiscal, Countable, Labor and Mercantile Advice areas, set to high quality standards and offered by experts in each and every area.

OMF ASESORES offers an integral consultancy for companies as it offers finished Fiscal Advice that includes taxes presentation like the IGIC, the VAT Tax Societies or the presentation of Annual Accounts together with the closing balances of the year and other duties that must be fulfilled with the State Agency of the tributary Administration (AEAT) and the Canary Tax office (ATC). Also, the client company will be able to submit questions to our fiscal experts, raising any doubt that could arise related to fiscal and tributary topics.
Moreover, the integral consultancy service of companies at OMF ASESORES offers also a finished Accounting Advice that includes the design of a Plan of Accounting adapted to the company, management of their invoicing and other accounting obligations with which the company or professional should meet. In this sense, the company will also be able to submit any consultation or raise any doubt that could arise.
Finally, the Labor Advice is also included in this bundle of integral Consultancy of companies including the monthly tailoring of payrolls and/or extraordinary pays, as well as the procedure of high modifications that go down before the General Treasury of the Social security (TGSS) of the workpeople of the company. Also, our Labor Department will take charge also of the making of contracts, system implantation of prevention of labor risks or any another question inside the area of the Human resources and the Labor relations.

What advantages does an Integral companies Consultancy have to hire?

To hire an integral consultancy of companies as OMF ASESORES to you will allow to reduce costs and times on having been provided with the only speaker who will be the manager of expiring with all the fiscal, countable and labor obligations which it must face your company, this way, to worry about making grow simply your business forgetting all the proper administrative and bureaucratic topics of the development of your business.

If you are interested in this type of integral advice do not hesitate to get in touch with OMF ASESORES in the phone 928 228 004 or 610 531 480 or in the email:

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